• 1.1. in my dreams
  • 1.2. tremendous dynamite
  • 1.3. that look you give that guy
  • 1.4. my beloved monster
  • 1.5. the longing
  • 1.6. girl from the north country


transmissions session 2009

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Über diesen Artikel

6 tracks recorded at the Village Recorder in Los Angeles (a classic studio used by Bob Dylan, the Stones, Pink Floyd, Supertramp, Steely Dan and many more) for a MySpace promotion.. MySpace will only have 5 of these tracks for their give-away, and otherwise vinyl is the ONLY place to find these versions! 4 re-recordings of tracks from the "Hombre Lobo" album plus a track from 1996's "Beautiful Freak" album, and a Bob Dylan cover ("Girl From The North Country").