20. Dezember 2013
Genre: Indie

eating out


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Über diesen Artikel

EATING OUT is the crunchy, distorted, pop-oriented project of NÜ SENSAE drummer Daniel Pitout. The big distorted guitar riffs and heartfelt melodies of Pitout's brainchild are a notable departure from NÜ SENSAE's roaring assault. But EATING OUT also has the proud distinction of being a Vancouver supergroup of sorts. While Pitout assumes the songwriting duties and the accompanying positions of guitarist and vocalist, fellow NÜ SENSAE' Brody McKnight rounds out the guitar department, WHITE LUNG vocalist Mish Way lends her bass skills, and PEACE's Geoff Dembicki fills in on drums. While vestiges of NÜ SENSAE's brash tonalities, WHITE LUNG's melodic treatment of hardcore, and PEACE's bold anglophile pop can all be heard in EATING OUT, Pitout's songs owe ... mehr lesen