• 1.1. perfect sphere (bubble)
  • 1.2. my weakness
  • 1.3. ave maria
  • 1.4. hit by a car (in euphoria)
  • 1.5. comatose
  • 1.6. fame
  • 1.7. you own my mind
  • 1.8. i dissolve
  • 1.9. make my bed
  • 1.10. our choice
  • 1.11. the lilac
04. Oktober 2019
Genre: Indie

early november, the


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Über diesen Artikel

Ursprünglich für den November 2018 angekündigt, ist es jetzt ein...bisschen...später soweit. Poppig wird es! "Lilac started with the idea of trying to help someone. I was losing sleep over it, and it got really heavy for me. There were times when I got lost in wishing that things would get better," admits lead singer Ace Enders. "But over time it became a reflection of the idea that it's okay to be dark, it's okay to feel like you're at the bottom. Sometimes you dig these deep holes for yourself - you just have to realise it's up to you to get out if it."