• 1.1. keep your kitten inside
  • 1.2. east gun hill
  • 1.3. i saw you there
  • 1.4. sid
  • 1.5. bomber
  • 1.6. 1000
  • 1.7. 2x2
  • 1.8. sell the truth
09. Juni 2017
Genre: Garage

dirty fences

the first ep plus

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Re-release of their first EP with two brilliant new tracks, showing their obsession with early Kiss and Motley Crüe through the lense of Dictators/Ramones. "You know in Back To The Future where Marty McFly goes on stage and he picks up the guitar and does the Chuck Berry thing for the first time and all the girls go crazy and the guys freak out - we're like that," singer Jack says about their live sets. Reviews describe their live show as a "phenomenon". Last year saw the release of their second studio album, Full Tramp (Slovenly) along with an extensive European tour covering six countries. The band got into discussions with Dirty Water Records about releasing two new tracks on wax, '2X2' and 'Sell Your Truth' that ultimately ended up as extra ... mehr lesen