• 1.1. pieces
  • 1.2. i want to know
  • 1.3. ocean in the way
  • 1.4. plans
  • 1.5. your weather
  • 1.6. over it
  • 1.7. friends
  • 1.8. said the people
  • 1.9. there's no here
  • 1.10. see you
  • 1.11. i don't wanna go there
  • 1.12. imagination blind

dinosaur jr.

farm (2nd edition)

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Repress without Poster, 7" Single and Download Code. If 'Beyond' was Dinosaur Jr's return to form, 'Farm' is proof that this band continues to deliver rock worth cranking up to 11. At times wholly 70's guitar-epic, at other times perfect for sitting by a babbling brook with Joni and Neil, 'Farm' encompasses Dinosaur Jr's signature palette - soaring and distorted guitar, unshakable hooks, honey-rich melodies, with songs that get into your head and, bouncing around happily, stay there. The worry about the reunion of the original Dinosaur Jr. line-up, more than 20 years after their formation and legendary dissolution, was that these guys were just flogging the back catalogue as a marketing gimmick. With the release of 'Beyond', in 2007, the band gave a ... mehr lesen