• 1.1. flame (intro)
  • 1.2. yards
  • 1.3. like it was again
  • 1.4. stream
  • 1.5. i'm a saint
  • 1.6. i threw myself from tower bridge
  • 1.7. footsteps in the snow
  • 1.8. surge

dignan porch

deluded ep

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Über diesen Artikel

From Tooting, South West London, DIGNAN PORCH started as the home recording project of Joe Walsh, who pretty much as soon as he created a Myspace account, got asked by revered NY label Captured Tracks to put out a single. This became the ninety second slacker-psyche-pop mini anthem 'On a Ride', which also featured on Merok Records 'Dont Die Wondering' compilation. The single was followed swiftly by the release of their home made LP 'Tendrils', also on Captured Tracks. In July they released new track Surge on a now sold out 4 way split 7" with Colours, Cheatahs and Not Cool. For their new EP 'Deluded' Dignan have stepped into a studio with the full band, plus Henry Withers from Lovvers / Human Hair working the desk. Four tracks (Yards, Stream, Like ... mehr lesen