07. Dezember 2012
Genre: Indie

dear thief / #the nje#


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Über diesen Artikel

The Near Jazz Experience was formed by multi-instrumentalist Terry Edwards, bassist Mark Bedford (Madness) and drummer Simon Charterton in the spring of 2010. Born out of a love of improvised music which was accessible - funky beats and grooves - yet experimental enough to break the mould of middle-of-the-road jamming, the trio built up a following at a residency in the heart of London's East End, headlining the monthly Sartorial Records music nights at Indo. Edwards & Charterton cut their musical teeth with Norwich punk-funk band The Higsons after which Edwards formed BUtterfield 8 with ex-Madness bassman Mark Bedford. Mainstays of the NJE sound are Edwards' distinctive guttural saxophone, Charterton's polyrhythmic funk patterns and Bedders' fluid ... mehr lesen