• 1.1. singer sing
  • 1.2. words you used to say
  • 1.3. wait for me
  • 1.4. you turned my head around
  • 1.5. the sun is still sunny
  • 1.6. teen angel
  • 1.7. white horses
  • 1.8. me & my babies
  • 1.9. say goodnight
  • 1.10. crystal blue r.i.p.
  • 1.11. our love will still be there
19. Juli 2019
Genre: Indie

dean & britta


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Über diesen Artikel

Working on a solo album in 2003, songwriter Dean Wareham, the founder of Galaxie 500 and Luna, reached out bandmate Britta Phillips from Luna for help. The two soon formed their own duo, sketching out a melodic, sexy sound that took its cues from Serge Gainsbourg and Lee Hazlewood. They doubled their efforts after Luna broke up in 2005 and married each other one year later, all the while continuing to tour and release new material. Fans of Luna should be quick to embrace the new direction Dean & Britta have taken (as should lovers of witty and well-arranged pop) on their second full lenght Backnumbers. It takes the best parts of Luna, adds some emotional depth and some surface glitter, and ends up being the best thing either Wareham or Phillips has ... mehr lesen