• 1.1. intro
  • 1.2. dead
  • 1.3. drawning down the moon
  • 1.4. ouija
  • 1.5. mind funeral
  • 1.6. a world of darkness

dead witches

ouija (ltd)

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The Debut album from the Obscure Dead Witches "Ouija" it's full of Doomy Slow grooves, there's something Occult in the Riffing, classic doom drumming by the great Mark Greening meets the warm vocal melodies of Virginia Monti, album feature 6 songs, for about 33 minutes of unreleased music. Recorded in October 2016 at the Chuckalumba studio same where Wizard's Dopethrone was done. Album produced by Dead Witches and John Stephens. Artwork by Goatess Doomwych.