• 1.1. diamonds in the rough
  • 1.2. say it isn't so
  • 1.3. i won't be the one
  • 1.4. can't let go
  • 1.5. running out of time
  • 1.6. psychodelic nightmare
  • 1.7. area 51
  • 1.8. somewhere far away
  • 1.9. i'm not afraid
  • 1.10. windows of time

dead moon

nervous sooner changes


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Über diesen Artikel

Back in print!! Another all time Dead Moon classic. The band really hit their stride on this one! The best rock band of the 90's and 2000's kicks out some of their finest rockers and ballads. Features all time greats like Diamonds In The Rough, Say It Isn't So, Running Out Of Time, Somewhere Far Away and Windows Of Time. A must have for any fan of the band and rock music in general.