• 1.1. a dark chapter in our history
  • 1.2. ana & mia
  • 1.3. i'm sorry (so sorry)
  • 1.4. she's exactly the kind of broken i need
  • 1.5. what are you waiting for'
  • 1.6. icons
  • 1.7. unaffectionate mistress
  • 1.8. rouge
  • 1.9. we don't want to be your lovers
  • 1.10. heathen girl
  • 1.11. chrysalis
  • 1.12. mourn
  • 1.13. the last ones to suffer
  • 1.14. callie
  • 1.15. living in a coma
  • 1.16. chrysalis (alternate mix)
  • 1.17. lie to me
  • 1.18. united states of undress
  • 1.19. too young to die
  • 1.20. all my dreams are gone
28. Oktober 2016



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Tirelessly playing local shows in some of Edmonton's best live venues, they self-recorded and released two singles as well as shooting multiple music videos. Newspaper and radio interviews, radio play on local independent station CJSR, and regular rotation in some of the city's favourite bars and clubs all followed. Embracing changing attitudes about music and the climate of the record industry, Cygnets make their music free to all who want it. Having given away hundreds of their handmade EP and singles, they continue that trend with their new album, "Bleak Anthems", putting CDs into the hands of excited audiences at shows as well as making it available for free online. Ever the perfectionists, their danceable, captivating and evolving live shows ... mehr lesen