• 1.1. comrades
  • 1.2. dreamland free
  • 2.1. comrades
  • 2.2. barbed wire
  • 2.3. technocrats
  • 2.4. dreamland
  • 2.5. comrades (vieon remix)
  • 2.6. barbed wire (remi parson remix)
  • 2.7. technocrats (pattern language remix)
  • 2.8. dreamland (alice hubble remix)
01. Juni 2018
Genre: Indie

cromwell, rodney

rodney's english disco (7"+cd)

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Über diesen Artikel

Catford's premier indietronica artist Rodney Cromwell returns to Happy Robots with his first all new material in three years with the song 'Comrades.' It is the first track taken from his new EP 'Rodney's English Disco'. Inspired by the recent social and political upheavals in the UK, the song is a robotic turbocharged rebel song for the twitter generation; sonically it sits somewhere between Kraftwerk, Pye Corner Audio and Divine. The 7" features two tracks, the accompanying CD features 7 tracks.