• 1.1. day out of days
  • 1.2. movies is magic
  • 1.3. nephophobia
  • 1.4. spirit song
  • 1.5. he'll have to go
  • 1.6. plane wreck at los gatos
  • 1.7. thin whiteman blues
  • 1.8. torch song
  • 1.9. tinnitu
  • 1.10. dolphins
  • 1.11. do you want my job
  • 1.12. things you learn from others

cooper, mike

distant songs of madmen

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Über diesen Artikel

A new MIKE COOPER release is always a great event, and we are proud to do it! Distant Songs of Madmen was recorded live in Palermo and was my solo set in a concert organised by Lelio Gianetti and Curva Minore which included my trio Truth In The Abstract Blues and Eugene Chadbourne. My set was free improvisation; some cover versions of folk and pop songs and some of my own songs. The title of the record and some of the improvised pieces were taken from Sam Shepard's writing. Sam, one of my favourite writers, has sadly died since I recorded this record and I dedicate it to his memory. Mike Cooper Available in a beautiful designed cover with an exclusive amazing artwork made by Italian artist Carla Indipendente. Mastered for vinyl by Brian Pyle ... mehr lesen