• 1.1. you need sleep
  • 1.2. beer can
  • 1.3. descaped
  • 1.4. numbers hall
  • 1.5. hold tite
  • 1.6. best
  • 1.7. smoking
  • 1.8. paradise
  • 1.9. nothing to say
  • 1.10. keep one tree
  • 1.11. need to know
  • 1.12. socialite
  • 1.13. surrounded by love
  • 1.14. doom
  • 1.15. dreams my only friend
  • 1.16. lose my heart
03. Juni 2011
Genre: Indie

colin l. orchestra

infinite ease / good god

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Über diesen Artikel

In the tradition of long strange trips across wide open spaces, the Colin L. Orchestra arrived at the offices of Northern-Spy Records via Colin Langenus' previous project, USAISAMONSTER. He's exchanged his previous duo for a full-scale rock orchestra of his best buds on multiple guitars, drums, violins, keyboards. Their first project, Infinite Ease/Good God, is full-scale indeed, available as a double-CD or a deluxe fully re-mastered for vinyl version of Infinite Ease with a digital download of Good God. Three years setting schemes and arranging sleeping dreams have culminated in two lush, flowing albums full of anthems and wee small moments. From the supple bass line that opens, "You Need Sleep," to crunches of guitar shred melting into velvet ... mehr lesen