• 1.1. walkin' to the cemetery
  • 1.2. gentle wandering ways
  • 1.3. as pure as the freshly driven snow
  • 1.4. memory grave (recalled from the crypt)
11. November 2011
Genre: Indie

cinema red & blue

butterbean crypt ep

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Über diesen Artikel

Limited Edition Vinyl 10" (Spooky Black with white marble effect, 500 copies only).. The Butterbean Crypt EP is a special Halloween release from Cinema Red and Blue, an indiepop supergroup featuring members of both Comet Gain and Crystal Stilts. Strictly limited to 500 copies on 10" vinyl, it's pressed on spooky black vinyl with a white marble effect. Lead track Walkin' To The Cemetery is a Cinema Red & Blue original that comes on like a Nuggets garage original, replete with 60s organ and scary screams. The EP also contains two covers, with versions of Beau Brummels' psych-pop classic Gentle Wandering Ways and the sixties folk obscurity As Pure As The Freshly Driven Snow by Whistler Chaucer Detroit & Greenhill. The EP is rounded off another original ... mehr lesen