childish, wild billy & the spartan dreggs

we spartan dreggs (be fine)

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LIMITED 7" SINGLE WITH 2 TRACKS FROM THE NEW BILLY CHILDISH TRILOGY OF LP'S DUE OUT IN LATE NOVEMBER 2012. Damaged Goods are proud to announce the release of 2 brand new LPs by BILLY CHILDISH & THE SPARTAN DREGGS, and a 3rd Lp for free. By collecting tokens cut from the sleeves of "Dreggredation" and "Coastal Command" fans can claim a 3rd LP "Tablets of Linear B" for free. (If people want the free LP, they have to cut the two tokens off of the sleeve of these two albums and post them into DG to claim their free copy, really!) Through these abridged popular classics and examples from the Histories, THE SPARTAN DREGGS elevate mere popular music-making to a level equal - and adjacent to - high art. Some may find the didactic of these Spartanists quite ... mehr lesen