• 1.1. yer poison
  • 1.2. don't let the devil ride
  • 1.3. bad blood blues
  • 1.4. cowgirl blues
  • 1.5. empty box
  • 1.6. ain't no liar
  • 1.7. evermore
  • 1.8. nothin' ain't right
  • 1.9. crazy mama
  • 1.10. wrong headed man
  • 1.11. nightmare pt 2
  • 1.12. daddy's gone blues

chicken snake

unholly rollers

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Über diesen Artikel

"Unholly Rollers" is the 3rd vinyl LP out on Beast Records from this dirty swamp blues from New Orleans that is CHICKEN SNAKE! Remember CHICKEN SNAKE super line-up : JERRY TEEL (CHROME CRANKS, HONEYMOON KILLERS, BOSS HOG, KNOXVILLE GIRL... just to name a few...) and his wife PAULINE OWEN-TEEL, NICHOLAS RAY (VLADRM, Limes, Golden Trangle.), DANNY HOLE (WARLOCKS, NIKKI SUDDEN, KID CONGO.) and JOSH LEE HOOKER (LUXURIOUS FAUX FURS). No doubt: CHICKEN SNAKE can do no wrong!