• 1.1. only for tonight
  • 1.2. what i need
  • 1.3. imposter
  • 1.4. don't feel like myself
  • 1.5. magic mirror
  • 1.6. slipping away
  • 1.7. all the way
  • 1.8. take your time
  • 1.9. sweet sunshine wine
  • 1.10. as long as you're mine

charles, pearl

magic mirror


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Über diesen Artikel

Blue vinyl includes mp3 download, 12 x 24 inch poster: Some say life only makes sense in reverse, from the vantage point of your rear view - Magic Mirror is a looking glass of sorts. Like a modern day Alice in Wonderland, Pearl Charles beckons you to slip and fall into her world. You'll find yourself drifting with the tide - the ups, downs, and all-arounds of a life well-lived and well- loved. From start to finish you float along a reflective river, dancing in your own/the personal/private Studio 54 of your living room, decked out in sequins or nothing at all. It's a feel good album that asks us to actually take the time to feel good. Magic Mirror follows the cartography of a girl, growing into a woman, as she moves through life from singledom, to ... mehr lesen