25. Juli 2014
Genre: Garage

chain and the gang

never been properly loved

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Über diesen Artikel

Blue Coloured Vinyl 7" with Jukebox Hole. The new single form CHAIN AND THE GANG is the dancefloor smash "Never Been Properly Loved", taken from their critically acclaimed new album MINIMUM ROCK N ROLL Featuring the snotty-nosed vocals of Katie Alice Greer of Priests the song is a demand for love and affection set to an insistent disco beat and with a killer chorus that's going to be stuck inside your head all summer long. Led by the remarkable Ian Svenonius, prime mover behind two of the most essential bands of our time, Nation Of Ulysses and The Make-Up, Chain And the Gang deal in a new genre called CRIME ROCK. As Ian himself puts it: "If asked about it by a prospective fan, I would say "Watch out; it might hurt your feelings." Or "Be careful . ... mehr lesen