• 1.1. gifts and the raft
  • 1.2. swim club
  • 1.3. black leaf
  • 1.4. falls
  • 1.5. outer realms
  • 1.6. haller lake
  • 1.7. all land crabs and divinity
  • 1.8. ghosts
  • 1.9. clever creatures
  • 1.10. haystacks
  • 1.11. distant sures
  • 1.12. faze wave
  • 1.13. no prosecution if we bail
25. Februar 2011
Genre: Indie

cave singers, the

no witch


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Über diesen Artikel

The Cave Singers spend a good deal of time beyond the darkened edges of Seattle, in the mist and mystic, among the wolves and redwoods. And their songs, at least on record, have always been like beautiful, faded grayscale photos of this hinterland. Now, these photos are injected with hot blood and technicolor, a ferocity and bite we've yet to see from the band. By all accounts, No Witch is The Cave Singers' rock record. Laid to tape with dark wizard producer Randall Dunn (Black Mountain, Sunn O))), Boris), No Witch is grander and more lush than The Cave Singers' previous efforts. It's also a nervier, scrappier affair: greasy guitars buck and rear up; Eastern-influenced blues snake through songs; gospel choirs rise up like tidal waves. There are big, ... mehr lesen