• 1.1. a snowflake in winter 03:05
  • 1.2. all the st john's wort in the world 03:38
  • 1.3. mink skin coat 04:20
  • 1.4. melting butter 05:15
  • 1.5. in the zoo they feed him nuts 05:02
  • 1.6. the perfect ending 04:54
  • 1.7. the leaking ark 04:56
  • 1.8. the queue at the chemists 04:59
  • 1.9. the woman in the moon 05:26
13. September 2019


perfect ending


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Über diesen Artikel

Finding humour in the seemingly inescapable collapse of the human race: it might not be the most conventional approach to a record, but Cassels have already proved themselves to be anything but traditionalists. Developing a sound characterised by a maelstrom of erratic instrumentation and pointed, punk-inflected vocals, Cassels operate outside of strict genre distinctions. Sardonic and not wholly pessimistic, their second full-length LP he Perfect Ending' is stark, angry and occasionally funny, its take on divisiveness and dislocation written in the only way the Beck brothers can.