24. Februar 2003
Genre: Indie

cable car theory, the

fables and fictions of the human...


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Über diesen Artikel

After last year's masterpiece, "The Deconstruction" one of New York's most talented and most intense hardcore outfits returns with 6 new songs, that mark yet another step in the development of The Cable Car Theory. With straight rhythms and more melodic song-writing the band still manages to authentically channel their energy and aggression into their songs. Singer/guitarist John Farag, who manages to keep his intensity high, minus the screaming - sounding more like a mixture of Chris Wollard of Hot Water Music and Nathan Gray of Boy Sets Fire, wrote the lyrics to "Fables and Fictions..." during the darkest period of his life. The student of philosophy considers himself a misanthrope as well as a "positive dreamer" and deals with topics as varied ... mehr lesen