05. Februar 2010
Genre: Indie

branded, the

she's my woman

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Über diesen Artikel

Warning: this music is highly infectious! Sweden's new garage-rock kings deliver everything you want from a style-conscious, but not nostalgic retro band - pulverising guitars, screeching, snotty caveman singing, maximum grooving and guaranteed male chauvinistic lyrics. THE TROGGS, NAMELOSERS and BO DIDDLEY are key words in this fuzz-crossword puzzle. After forming, just a couple of short years ago, the band hit the studio and quickly released their debut single, "She's My Woman", in a quantity so limited (fewer than 100 made it to the general public) that it sold out within days. The demand for Dirty to re-issue "She's My Woman" was so vociferous that they were forced to take notice.