• 1.1. indian poker, pt. 3
  • 1.2. pussyfootin'
  • 1.3. vincent come on down
  • 1.4. this little piggy
  • 1.5. strung
  • 1.6. hot seat can't sit down
  • 1.7. vulgar trade
  • 1.8. beekeepers maxim
  • 1.9. kiss me u jacked up jerk
  • 1.10. 70 kg man
  • 1.11. indian poker, pt. 2
  • 1.12. nothing ever changes
  • 1.13. i am a cracked machine


hissing prigs in static couture (clear blue swirl vinyl

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Über diesen Artikel

Hissing Prigs In Static Couture is a record you'll want to keep forever. It's got all kinds of hip stuff that lame bands are afraid of; something that sounds like scratching on "Pussyfootin'", freaky effect on everything but the drums ('cause even in Revolution, you just don't f**k with drums), and a kiss-off to goose-stepping fascists. 1996 saw the release of Brainiac's Touch and Go full-length debut, Hissing Prigs in Static Couture. Like their two previous full-lengths, this was also produced by Eli Janney, and saw the band use less Moog and more random electronic gadgets and noisemakers. Jim O'Rourke produced 1997's Electroshock for President EP, in which Brainiac continued their transition into a more electronic rock band. They began to receive ... mehr lesen