• 1.1. the hound
  • 1.2. strings of red
  • 1.3. a belly full of stone
  • 1.4. the whip hand
  • 1.5. komskottsknallen
  • 1.6. iron heel
  • 1.7. old bones
  • 1.8. allting är jättebra
  • 1.9. black vestals
04. Juni 2021




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Black vinyl in canvas gatefold sleeve! There are elements of hardcore, punk, crust, noise rock, heavy post rock and indie rock in BLESSINGS` sound_ there are moments that remind of AT THE DRIVE IN and moments that remind of CONVERGE, sometimes even in the same track, and the Gothenburg 4-piece merges these very disparate ends of the spectrum of heavy guitar music into a cohesive, intriguing and idiosyncratic sound. BLESSINGS' debut album Bittervatten was a harsh and noisy affair, inspired by bands like Unsane, Breach, Black Flag and Darkthrone_ but the Gothenburg, Sweden - based four-piece soon developed into a bit of a different direction. Still loud and confrontational, the elements of repetition and trance- incurring moods and riffing became more ... mehr lesen