• 1.1. shirts
  • 1.2. cash cow
  • 1.3. the sadness of axl rose
  • 1.4. big ticker
  • 1.5. weasel bastard
  • 1.6. i knock myself out
  • 1.7. dream boat
  • 1.8. power ballad
  • 1.9. priss
  • 1.10. downbeat
25. September 2015



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LP edition of 250 units. Half coloured white/blue, heavy weight vinyl, heavy-weight, card inner and outer sleeves. Over the past few years, the Leeds quartet have deservedly earned their reputation as one of the UK's most confrontation-al and aggressive live acts. Their debut album BLKLSTRS was released in 2012 on Brew Records to critical acclaim. Significantly, it saw fellow musicians, from Biffy Clyro to Pig De-stroyer, lauding Blacklisters in the press and on radio. This second album was recorded at Suburban Home in Leeds with producer MJ of Hookworms. The album is a clear progression for the band, and demonstrates a growing confidence in their song writing and performance, from the abstract art-noise to the unrelenting, brutally minimalist riffs ... mehr lesen