• 1.1. thickfreakness
  • 1.2. hard row
  • 1.3. set you free
  • 1.4. midnight in her eyes
  • 1.5. have love will travel
  • 1.6. hurt like mine
  • 1.7. everywhere i go
  • 1.8. no trust
  • 1.9. if you see me
  • 1.10. hold me in your arms
  • 1.11. i cry alone
12. August 2011

black keys, the


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Über diesen Artikel

Feeling heartsick from love's tumult, sweating bullets in the middle of the night, drinking lightning from a corn liquor bottle, sitting in a room whose walls are so blue they look black, digging into the joy-and-pain double helix of existence and finding heavy soul, kicking out a blues rock rumpus in search of salvation...this is the electrifying world of The Black Keys and their sophomore album thickfreakness. 2002 was a heckuva year for The Black Keys (Dan Auerbach, vocals and guitar, Patrick Carney, drums and production). The true-school two-piece came roaring straight of out Akron, Ohio with a debut album The Big Come-Up on the tiny Alive label that garnered barely-contained raves in Rolling Stone, Spin, The Village Voice and MOJO. One listen to ... mehr lesen