• 1.1. anti-social
  • 1.2. deadbeat generation
  • 1.3. naked or denim
  • 1.4. polymeric lover
  • 1.5. r-rated
  • 1.6. b-stock babies
  • 1.7. devine receiver
  • 1.8. boy toys of glory
  • 1.9. collateral damage
  • 1.10. girls girls boys boys
  • 1.11. techno is dead
28. April 2017
Genre: Rock

bitch queens


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Über diesen Artikel

Don't panic - despite the all-caps title, Bitch Queens has definitely not mutated into a bunch of hippie sluts. With ,Anti-Social" this record kicks off like a whip and an outstretched middle finger. The ,Go Fuck The World" in the chorus is just the beginning of a series of filthy commands. Political Correctness is not their way of life, as is made abundantly clear in their disguised Band-Hymn ,R-Rated". But foul language and loud guitars go hand in hand and are just so frickin' liberating. Men, women, women-men: they're all bitches at heart. And the self-proclaimed Queens of them all have produced eleven hard-assed and sweetly exhilarating songs that call for celebration - one love, in Bitch Queens fashion. Featuring Peter Pan Speedrock guitarist ... mehr lesen