• 1.1. contain myself
  • 1.2. capitalized
  • 1.3. posture
  • 1.4. feathers of yes
  • 1.5. meet where we are
  • 1.6. negative (intro)
  • 1.7. negative
  • 1.8. hope for someone
  • 1.9. knight
  • 1.10. national parks
  • 1.11. so much you
  • 1.12. proximity effect
  • 1.13. yawp

big ups

before a million universes (purple vinyl)

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Big Ups' second LP, Before A Million Universes, is at once a fist in the face of complacency and a sonic affirmation to, in Walt Whitman's words, "let your soul stand cool and composed before a million universes." Pretty heady subject matter... Joe Galarraga (vocals), Amar Lal (guitar), Carlos Salguero Jr. (bass), and Brendan Finn (drums), met studying music technology at NYU. Five years later, the city's notorious crucible of garbage, money, and humanity has had a profound and delightful impact on their art. "Tell me what you're worth / Salary, two weeks off work?" Galarraga screams on "Capitalized," as the bassline frantically roams our conscience like a wet-nosed dog. Galarraga's vocals burn with the heat of a thousand day jobs. Yet all this ... mehr lesen