• 1.1. pendulum
  • 1.2. across the waves
  • 1.3. desert queen
  • 1.4. ghosts
  • 1.5. joyce
  • 1.6. witch-prickers dream
  • 1.7. the blind punch
  • 1.8. song for thirza
  • 1.9. ray
  • 1.10. reeves' lament
  • 1.11. like saviours
26. Februar 2016
Genre: Indie

big eyes family players, the


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Über diesen Artikel

The album is released in an edition of 250 copies with artwork by Laura Slater and comes with a download code. For fans of: United States Of America, Broadcast, Tindersticks, Death and Vanilla. The Big Eyes Family Players is a loose collective based around Sheffield artist James Green. It's been three years since the last Big Eyes album ('Folk Songs II' on Static Caravan) and a whole six years since they released an album of original material (not including 2011's superb reworked best-of, 'Family Favourites').. The album consists mainly of self-penned, vocal-led songs, written by James Green and Heather Ditch with themes ranging from family dysfunction, to hauntings, to fictional historical events.