• 1.1. darker side of sunshine
  • 1.2. silent prayer
  • 1.3. sail
  • 1.4. joan's ambulance
  • 1.5. she's stuck in the endless loop of her decline
  • 1.6. she does
  • 1.7. trust lost trust
  • 1.8. avere
  • 1.9. take us away
31. Oktober 2014
Genre: Indie

bell gardens

slow dawns for lost conclusions

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Über diesen Artikel

Bell Gardens combines the musical visions of Kenneth James Gibson (formerly of Furry Things, now recording as [a]pendics.shuffle, dubLoner and Eight Frozen Modules) and Brian McBride (one half of Stars of the Lid) and began releasing music in 2010, beginning with an EP, Hangups Need Company on Failed Better/Burger Records. Their debut album Full Sundown Assembly (Southern/Burger Records) appeared in 2012 and, now signed to Rocket Girl in the UK, the band are set to release their second, Slow Dawns for Lost Conclusions, in September 2014. Bell Gardens' origins began arguably as more of an experiment than the duo's current xperimental' projects - McBride's drone- and string-laden ambient symphonies, and Gibson's ventures in dub and minimalist techno - ... mehr lesen