• 1.1. happy but on my way
  • 1.2. i wish i knew how my life..
  • 1.3. my bones my flesh and me
  • 1.4. for you
  • 1.5. the devil
  • 1.6. eat no dick
  • 1.7. no blood
  • 1.8. what did i do?
  • 1.9. go away
  • 1.10. broken english
  • 1.11. why should i live if i won't...
  • 1.12. hoy

beets, the

spit on the face of people who ...


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The instant classic Beets LP, now available on the popular "CD" format. The songs you love, available for listening to in cars, shower radios, etc. These guys are currently blazing their way across the States on the "Nightmare of Sound" tour with the Vivian Girls.The inlay and disc contain all new Matt Volz artwork, featuring even more professional wrestling, blood and disrespect for people who don't want to be cool