• 1.1. throwaways
  • 1.2. bad art & weirdo ideas
  • 1.3. noisy heaven
  • 1.4. ride the wild haze
  • 1.5. too late to die young
  • 1.6. i break guitars
  • 1.7. young & alive
  • 1.8. porno love
  • 1.9. hard luck kid
  • 1.10. dirty lights

beach slang

the things we do to find people who feel like us

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Gatefold Vinyl mit 16-seitigem Booklet. We've been waiting for a while and finally it's here. Over the past two years Beach Slang have proved themselves as a band who can write memorable songs, share that energy live and create a community of like-minded fans but they've always been missing one important element: An album. Luckily the band's full-length The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us is the culmination of their ollective career and picks up where their two critically acclaimed 7-inches left off. The feelings of youth and vulnerability lie at the core of Beach Slang's music, which is part punk, part pop and all catharsis. It references the ghosts of the Replacements but keeps one foot firmly rooted in the present. It's fun and it's ... mehr lesen