• 1.1. dark circles
  • 1.2. doe-eyed girl
  • 1.3. josé tries to leave
  • 1.4. night's changing
  • 1.5. monument
  • 1.6. the door between her teeth
  • 1.7. human hair
  • 1.8. steel dust ocean
  • 1.9. sunbleached skulls
  • 1.10. wild fires
  • 1.11. backyard
  • 1.12. back home
06. April 2018
Genre: Indie


shadow on everything (ltd. sunbleached white vinyl)


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Released in 2018 to widespread critical acclaim, BambaReleased Bambara's ra's Shadow On Everything representedrepresented a decisive step forward for twin brothers Reid and Blaze Bateh - frontman and drummer, respectively - and their childhood friend, bassist William Brookshire. While prior to its release they had always been adept students of noise rock and post-punk, mining the work of bands like Swans and The Birthday Party to construct what NPR called "beautifully dynamic nightmares," on ShadowShadow they boldly redefined their sound to create an album that clearly transcended their early influences and dramatically quickened the pace of their ascent from the underground. Consistent with their frenetic live set, the musical center of Shadow On ... mehr lesen