• 1.1. jaded lover, shady drifter
  • 1.2. daylight
  • 1.3. murmuration song
  • 1.4. boom and shake
  • 1.5. yonah
  • 1.6. no recover
  • 1.7. waylaid
  • 1.8. wild azalea
  • 1.9. dead and gone
07. September 2018
Label: MERGE
Genre: Indie

bachmann, eric

no recover

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Über diesen Artikel

There was something sinister about Crooked Fingers, both the name of the project and the music that Eric Bachmann wrote at the helm of its ever-shifting lineups over 15 years. He retired the moniker a couple of years ago, but with his third album under his own name, the transformation feels gorgeous and final and irreversible: No Recover. The drunken louts and red devil dawns are a thing of the past now, monuments to a different time. Bachmann, husband and recent father, has some new lenses through which to view the world. But while No Recover is decidedly mellow and reflective, do not mistake it for the work of a relaxed, satisfied songwriter, sitting on some Georgia porch with a stalk of wheat between his lips, gently rocking a cradle with his foot ... mehr lesen