• 1.1. someone to love
  • 1.2. i'm gonna make you mine
  • 1.3. let yourself go
  • 1.4. twilight princess
  • 1.5. lilith
  • 1.6. in your life
  • 1.7. chasing rainbows
  • 1.8. no more darkness
  • 1.9. dark twin
  • 1.10. renegade soul
  • 1.11. madness of your own making

baby woodrose

chasing rainbows

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Über diesen Artikel

- finally available on vinyl again! - Limited to 500 copies on purple vinyl! Re-issue of the 4th Baby Woodrose album 'Chasing Rainbows' originally released in 2007 on Bad Afro Records. Limited to 500 copies on purple vinyl. Chasing Rainbows is recorded at Black Tornado in Copenhagen during the spring/summer 2007 and is a sort of return to the production ethics of the debut album Blows Your Mind (meaning totally DIY, lots of tape machines and crappy vintage gear, no plug-ins and no fiddling with the tracks in Amateur Tools). The first part of the album contains cool psychedelic pop songs like "Someone To Love" and "I'm Gonna Make You Mine". Later on (or in vinyl terms - on Side B) things get darker and moodier both lyrically and musically. Over all ... mehr lesen