• 1.1. blue heat
  • 1.2. have a drink on me
  • 1.3. button-down-harry's back!
  • 1.4. dandy groove
  • 1.5. easy street
  • 1.6. that's how strong my love is
  • 1.7. let's dance
  • 1.8. tons of love
  • 1.9. the harder they come
  • 1.10. mess around
  • 1.11. no one else

attention!, the

gettin' all the attention


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Über diesen Artikel

Two years after the release of their highly acclaimed self-titled debut-album the ATTENTION! from Vienna, Austria return with a BANG! delivering their brandnew longplayer 'Gettin' all ...' to those who are desperately waiting for more insane dance action and give the bleached out face of classic r'n'b a bright new robe. Those guys celebrate the mod-aesthetics of the swingin sixties in perfection. Stylish from head to toe they deliver a frantic mixture of traditional blues, soul, beat and r'n'b to all the smart dancers worldwide and re-create a sound which hasn't been heard since those glory days of acts like Bo Diddley, the ANIMALS, the YARDBIRDS, THEM and the SPENCER DAVIS GROUP. Did you ever shake your tailfeather to the sound of Rock'n-Roll!? ... mehr lesen