• 1.1. edge a little closer
  • 1.2. people like you
  • 1.3. i've had you
  • 1.4. the 31st to the 2nd
  • 1.5. which way?
  • 1.6. plastic
  • 1.7. i'm not for sale
  • 1.8. can i touch it?
  • 1.9. danny's sister
  • 1.10. turn this feeling around
14. Februar 2020
Label: BANG!
Genre: Garage

asteroid b-612

forced into a corner


LP  €  26,99
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Über diesen Artikel

At last! ASTEROID B-612 "Forced Into a Corner" is released for its very first time on vinyl! This is the second album of legendary Australian band ASTEROID B-612, and it is the killer predecessor to their cult album "Not Meant For This World!". Originally recorded and released in Melbourne, Australia in 1994, this album was produced by Dave Thomas from BORED!. So... you can assume it is a monster piece of sonic hazard and guitar army sound mixing Detroit's wildest with Australian classics. This album was released only on CD and only in Australia, and it's been remastered in order to deliver the most brutal sound of this band, as it was. A total must for all fans worldwide of MC5, Stooges, Dark Carnival, Sonic's Rendezvous Band, Radio Birdman, The New ... mehr lesen