• 1.1. prayer for the weekend
  • 1.2. the worrying kind
  • 1.3. absolutely no decorum
  • 1.4. little dysfunk you
  • 1.5. new pollution
  • 1.6. thorazine corazon
  • 1.7. i pathologize
  • 1.8. death to tje martyrs
  • 1.9. all i want s you
  • 1.10. gimme love to give
  • 1.11. uriel
20. April 2007

ark, the

prayer for the weekend

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Über diesen Artikel

Lim.Ed. 500 copies on vinyl with nice gatefold sleeve. The Ark started out in the 90's and this is their 4th Platinum selling album. With their epic glamrock style they are one of the biggest rockbands in Scandinavia and on this Lp is the track "Worrying kind" which even made it to the Eurovision song contest final. They have a following and have both toured and charted in Italy, Germany, Holland etc.