• 1.1. do i wanna know?
  • 1.2. r u mine?
  • 1.3. one for the road
  • 1.4. arabella
  • 1.5. i want it all
  • 1.6. no. 1 party anthem
  • 1.7. mad sounds
  • 1.8. fireside
  • 1.9. why'd you only call me when you're high?
  • 1.10. snap out of it
  • 1.11. knee socks
  • 1.12. i wanna be yours

arctic monkeys


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'AM' was produced by James Ford and co-produced by Ross Orton at Sage & Sound Recording, LA and Rancho De La Luna, Joshua Tree. The album was engineered by Ian Shea and mixed by Tchad Blake. Josh Homme, Pete Thomas and Bill Ryder-Jones all make guest appearances on 'AM' - as do the words of John Cooper Clarke, on the track I Wanna Be Yours.