09. Juli 2010
Genre: Garage

anomalys, the

the anomalys

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Über diesen Artikel

They've finally done it. The Anomalys, the Netherland's only "NEGATIVE TEQUILA ROCK'N'ROLL SEX" trio, have finally recorded their debut LP, and what better label to present this smokin' full length than your ultimate source for sickness, Slovenly Recordings? The Anomalys tower over their lowly legions, each standing at a menacing 2 meters (in America speak, that's TALL), they appear to be an animated version of the columns of the Parthenon. their live shows are spectacular displays of ruinous racket. Guitars smolder with crushing, echo-frenzied grunts and wails, and the dumb-drums get pummeled into submission. Lead by a rasp-throated screamer, these cheese-fed behemoths display utter rage for two sides of 100% drag-strip approved garage-punk grease ... mehr lesen