• 1.1. anouschtka (los pasos, a resines)
  • 1.2. buen amor (clark resnig)
  • 1.3. pintalo de negro (jagger, richards)
  • 1.4. el espia ruso y yo (javellin)
  • 1.5. mr. tamborin (bob dylan) (mr. tamborin)
  • 1.6. es como yo (just like me)
  • 1.7. recuerda sam (vanda, young)
  • 1.8. encima abajo de lado de abajo (the yardbirds)
  • 1.9. mala reputacion (h giosasi, d marchand)
  • 1.10. verano en la ciudad (j sebastian, s boone, m sebastian)
  • 1.11. me tienes (r wayne davies)
  • 1.12. quieres ser una estrella del rock and roll (j mcguinn, c hillman)
23. April 2021
Genre: Garage

ampex, the

the ampex


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HIGHLIGHTS: No South American 60s rock collection can be completed without this classic and scarce 1967 Colombian garage nugget, part of the lesser known rock catalogue of Discos Fuentes. This is the second and final album of the band, comprising skillful cover versions of songs by international artists like The Yardbirds, The Raiders, The Rolling Stones, The Byrds, The Hunters, The Easybeats... DESCRIPTION: The Ampex quickly built a large fanbase in their native Colombia after releasing a 4-song EP and a full album on the label Estudio 15. They were also in-demand musicians that local pop stars would hire for both live shows and recording sessions. Although it may look like these young rockers had a promising future ahead, the beat sound went out of ... mehr lesen