• 1.1. boneshaker
  • 1.2. burnout the nitro
  • 1.3. this is our city
  • 1.4. sex to go
  • 1.5. backseat boogie
  • 1.6. blood in the water
  • 1.7. she gives me hell
  • 1.8. switchblade angel
  • 1.9. weapon of war
  • 1.10. rock ' roll for life
25. Oktober 2019
Genre: Rock




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Über diesen Artikel

"Boneshaker" is the most immediate, visceral, spontaneous and thrilling album of Airbourne's career. 10 songs in 30 minutes, raw, alive and bristling with attitude and intent. From the thunderous opening riff of the title track through to the raucous, roaring, bad bad boogie of "Rock'n'Roll For Life", it's a celebration of life lived loud - no shame, no surrender, no regrets, no wasted moments. There's lust and aggression and rage and defiance, tales of messy nights and broken hearts, excess and abandon, brotherhood and love and community. If you listen closely, you might even detect a little country'n' western twang in "Burnout The Nitro".