• 1.1. intro (live)
  • 1.2. rats in the cellar (live)
  • 1.3. i wanna know why (live)
  • 1.4. big ten inch record (live)
  • 1.5. walk this way (live)
  • 1.6. sight for sore eyes (live)
  • 1.7. seasons of wither (live)
  • 1.8. sweet emotion (live)
  • 1.9. lord of the thighs (live)
  • 2.1. kings and queens (live)
  • 2.2. chip away (live)
  • 2.3. get the lead out (live)
  • 2.4. get it up (live)
  • 2.5. draw the line (live)
  • 2.6. same old song and dance (live)
  • 2.7. toys in the attic (live)
  • 2.8. milk cow blues (live)
  • 2.9. train kept a rollin' (live)
  • 2.10. outro (live)


baying at the moon

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Über diesen Artikel

DELUXE VINYL EDITION, limited to 1000 copies. This high energy show is from Aerosmith's 1978 national tour in support of their 5th album - "Draw the Line". It was broadcast live-as-it-happened on Boston's local FM station WBCN. As you would expect in the band's hometown, The Music Hall was completely sold out for this gig and the crowd was really pumped, resulting in what is regarded as the hottest performance from the boys during this outstanding tour.