• 1.1. them!
  • 1.2. tree of woe
  • 1.3. tusks of doom
  • 1.4. far harad (bonustrack)
  • 1.5. jack the riffer
  • 1.6. under acid hoof
  • 1.7. white hag (bonustrack live)

acid mammoth

under acid hoof (incl. bonustracks) - white/purple


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Über diesen Artikel

White / purple Vinyl. Limited to 150 copies. Really happy to announce that one year after its release, "Under Acid Hoof" is getting a rad repress by Heavy Psych Sounds in purple, featuring two bonus tracks, "Far Harad" and a live version of "White Hag"!!! "Far Harad" is an instrumental track that was recorded at the same time as "Under Acid Hoof". Like the title suggests, imagine a horde of raging giant Mumakil marching towards you with evil intentions!!! It was initially meant as an extension of the song "Jack the Riffer", but was later decided to be split and stand on its own as a track. It's heavy and it's fuzzy, incorporating all the elements that made "Under Acid Hoof" sound great. "White Hag" was recorded live right after the first Covid ... mehr lesen