• 1.1. diogenes
  • 1.2. row by row
  • 1.3. night of pan
  • 1.4. ayahuasca blues (unmanned drone)
  • 1.5. who's first
  • 1.6. vegetable
  • 1.7. trouble maker
  • 1.8. i'm becoming a man
  • 1.9. omonia
  • 1.10. you & me
  • 1.11. all of your love
28. November 2014
Genre: Garage

acid baby jesus

selected recordings


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Über diesen Artikel

Vinyl inkl. Downloadcode! The second album from greek juggernauts recorded during a year in seclusion on a mediterranean island. Deep, dark, exotic & terribly legitimate! Representing the primitivism of Athens, Greece, steadily fornicating with the modern humps of the most ancient civilizations hitherto, Acid Baby Jesus has finally assembled a collection of recordings from their past two years on the rotation. The experiments on Selected Recordings were formulated while spending many of those moments on a secluded island in the Mediterranean sea, populated by a(n) (r)evolutionary cast of travelers, all starving for an heady atmosphere and a delicious salad. Many records were played on record players at these assemblages. And many songs were written, ... mehr lesen