• 1.1. landing
  • 1.2. studio #1
  • 1.3. pacing
  • 1.4. pacing80
  • 1.5. al kanal
  • 1.6. in the thick
  • 1.7. studio #2
  • 1.8. nocturnal
  • 1.9. days have gone by
18. Januar 2019

abate, maurizio

the maadi sessions

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Über diesen Artikel

ARTIST STATEMENT: I visited Egypt for the first time in October 2016, spending a week there, and I went back for a longer period the next February. Both times I stayed at Sara and Alberto's place, a couple of friends who have been living in the Maadi district of Cairo for about a year. The first impact with the city and its inhabitants was definitely strong: I had trouble in defining the energy which pervades the streets 24 hours a day and the feeling of perpetual movement one gets from it. Although this vortex was fascinating, it sometimes originated some kind of alienation and estrangement on my behalf. I had to distance myself from the excess of stimuli. During my first visit, I was especially struck by the sounds, so I recorded some of them over ... mehr lesen