• 1.1. there's blood on your hands
  • 1.2. infants
  • 1.3. the nurse
  • 1.4. incarceration
  • 1.5. the warden
  • 1.6. years
  • 1.7. the rifts
  • 1.8. these depths were always meant for both of us
  • 1.9. all the love and glory

a swarm of the sun

the rifts - ltd col. blue rifts ed.


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Über diesen Artikel

Coloured LP - Limited Blue Rifts Edition! The Rifts is the 3rd album of Swedish duo A SWARM OF THE SUN and was originally released in 2015. The Rifts is sombre and brooding, heavy and melancholic, crushing and fragile in equal measure: a bleak and beautiful journey through the battered inner landscapes of the heart and soul: a dolorous tale of lost hopes, dreams falling apart, final moments of clarity and redemption_ and appositely reflecting the current state of the world 5, years after its release - isolation. The Rifts is the sonic manifestation of a heavy black cloud of abstract yet overwhelming feelings, thoughts, hopes and fears- a collection of intimate reflections on a very specific, profound and personal struggle which needs to stay somewhat ... mehr lesen