• 1.1. drove through ghosts to get here
  • 1.2. await rescue
  • 1.3. 23kid
  • 1.4. welcome to the times
  • 1.5. mean low water
  • 1.6. climbing on roofs (desperate edit)
  • 1.7. the big afraid
  • 1.8. 65 doesn't understand you
  • 1.9. radio protector
11. November 2016
Genre: Indie


one time for all time

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Über diesen Artikel

The long-awaited first vinyl edition of 65daysofstatic's classic, critically acclaimed 2005 album, 'One Time For All Time'. This pressing of 500 deluxe LPs is on black 180g vinyl and includes a large format 12-page colour booklet containing the images and titles of all 1000 hand-decorated individual Polaroid photos taken by the band and used to create unique customised sleeves for the sold-out limited edition 'Radio Protector 7" single" in 2006, plus a copy of the album CD and a colour-printed inner sleeve.