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In the year of their 30th anniversary we choosed Birdy as a one-off release, which also suits well into the vinyl re-issue serial of the 80s albums we are doing in 2011. Birdy is the only pop song we know of, which has a no-music, just atmosphere break in the middle, but despite this was one of the band's biggest radio hits. It's just a compelling song, and most likely still is in 30 years from now. B-Side is a remake by Jimi Tenor from the mid nineties (taken from "Zipcode").Tenor about this remix: "I choose Birdy song because it is a hit. Plus the bird song in the mid part was easy to synch to the remix by playing it directly from the original CD. I did not own a sampler that time yet." 22-Pistepirkko gonna release a new album "Lime Green ... mehr lesen